Dealer Program Strategy - A Case Study in 'Stickiness'

Dealer Loyalty Program Move Beyond Transactional

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Client Spotlight: A Discussion With Dondi Schwartz

When developing a channel program, especially with internal partners, It starts on a foundation of building critical and key relationships.

In this particular case, our client had a program in place with some new internal partners, but it was only rewarding sales behavior. A very one dimensional, finite, transactional relationship.

In other words, there was no 'stickiness' or loyalty. Any brand can create a transactional relationship, but that doesn't cut it these days. So Dondi Schwartz brought us in on this client project to change just that - provide the glue.

We created a new program that rewarded loyalty behavior, dubbed the 'Top Dealer' program - somewhat of an exclusive club every dealer wanted to be a part of. We started to reward the behavior we wanted to see ourselves.


"The ability to listen to the different perspectives and stakeholders…and synthesize them like crazy!

You’re trying to bring together some very different perspectives into a single program to innovate around a brand new idea and get everybody aligned on that vision. I thought they did such a good job of helping us package it, tell our story, and get buy-in for the program.

And working with them was a ton of fun. I believe strongly in enjoying the people you work with. It helps you have positive energy and be motivated and inspired. I thoroughly enjoyed the Miller Wittman team as people and as partners. To have a trusting, fun, and collaborative partnership is a gift.

The combination of expertise between Sarah, Paige, and Scott is a triple threat. It makes them uniquely qualified to activate a dealer network. You get all of the perspectives: Paige with her sales background and ability to understand the customers; Sarah with the financial expertise; and Scott with the creativity to build an experience that engages the audience. It’s a really cool model. I’ve not met another group who has brought those three talents together like that before." - Dondi Schwartz, Marketing and Brand Executive Consultant