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AI and Retail: How AI Is Revolutionizing the Retail Industry

AI is here to stay, and it’s transforming the way we do retail. Learn how the partnership of AI and retail is changing the game for retailers and consumers.

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3 Key Trends for Brands and Retailers To Watch Out for in 2024

Stay ahead of the curve and reach your goals in 2024 with these key trends for brands and retailers.

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10 Steps to Building a Successful Product Launch Strategy

The vast majority of new products released every year fail. That’s why building a successful product launch strategy for your new product is crucial.

Case Study: How Miller Wittman Helped One Client Save $2 Million in Six Weeks

We recently completed a project that saved one client $2 million in rebates without interrupting service or reducing sales…all in just six weeks! Learn how we did it and get a few takeaways you can apply to your own programs in our new white paper.

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How Sustainable Retail Design Can Help You Achieve Your Sustainability Goals

A look at the benefits of sustainable retail design as well as trends to watch and design elements to consider for your next store redesign or refresh.

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The Rise of Experiential Retail…and a New World of Customer Experience

Today’s consumer is looking for more than a transaction…they want a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience. Here’s how experiential retail helps you provide that.

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8 Questions We Ask Dealers Before Starting a Retail Design Project

An independent dealer’s store design should reflect their unique product mix. These questions help us determine the direction of a client’s retail design project.

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Earning and Retaining the Gen Z Buyer: 3 Ways Reaching Gen Z Is Different

Gen Z is reshaping the retail world. Learn how this generation stands out as consumers, and how reaching and retaining the Gen Z buyer is a different ballgame.

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Client Spotlight: A Discussion With Dondi Schwartz

Get an inside look at how Miller Wittman helped one client develop a channel program to more effectively engage their channel and meet their corporate goals.

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Client Spotlight: Julie Stange, CMO and Strategy Leader for Pentair Water Solutions

Learn how Miller Wittman helped one client build a strong go-to-market strategy in this discussion with Julie Stange of Pentair’s Water Solutions segment.

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5 Common Influences on Consumer Behavior You Should Be Aware Of

Consumer behavior is complex. Consider these five common influences on consumer behavior as you develop your marketing, sales, and merchandising strategies.

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How Understanding Consumer Behavior Can Help You Convert More Customers

Understanding consumer behavior can help you build more effective strategies, improve your products and services, and convert more customers. Here’s how.

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How To Create In-Store Customer Experiences That Drive Traffic and Sales

Drive traffic and sales with in-store customer experiences engineered to consider your customers’ needs and values before, during, and after each sale.

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Abdicating Your Brand and Customer Experience to the Retailer

Abdicating your brand by allowing retailers to drive your brand experience and customer journey means letting them do what they were made to do.

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How To Create a Positive First Impression Through Retail Design

Retail design is a powerful force in customer perception. This guide will help ensure your store is ready to make a great first impression through retail design.

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As eCommerce Expands, the In-Store Experience Is Still Crucial. Here’s Why.

eCommerce is eating up a rapidly expanding piece of the retail pie. Yet the in-store experience remains a crucial part of delivering a vibrant customer experience.

Constants, Variables, and the Role of Digital in Retail Design

What you need to know about utilizing constants, variables, and digital for effective retail design that delights customers, minimizes cost, and maximizes sales.

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Why Miller Wittman? 5 Benefits of Hiring Miller Wittman Retail Design Group

Our clients have varied reasons for hiring Miller Wittman, from our established skill set and extensive experience to referrals from trusted industry colleagues.

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Creating a Customer Experience That Sells Even When Inventory Is Low

Consumers have been buying in record numbers this year, and sales are up significantly for many industries across the market.

Into The Woods Now

I spent 10 years working in building materials, specifically in the window and door industry for Andersen Corporation. An industry most definitely affected by the housing crash and recession that started at the end of 2007. The effects of managing through a crisis is something we can all relate to now. We’re in the woods; and we may go deeper before the path to get out is clear enough to follow.

Low Density Retail, High Customer Involvement

Emerging from winter and preparing for the spring and summer seasons is a whole different ballgame this year. You have an advantage in that most of your stores are not high density, but high customer involvement. You can be a valuable resource in your community and naturally provide the social distancing necessary today.

Fix My Problem: Retail Showroom Remodels: When to Know it’s Time

Do I need to expand the retail space in my dealership? That’s one of the first questions we hear when we work with dealers.

Increasing Sales with an Effective Retail Strategy

You have 7 seconds to make a first impression. Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? It gets harsher. One study shows that it takes just a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face. Regardless of seconds or minutes, you don’t have long to win over the confidence of...

Vallely 1Exterior
Vallely Sport & Marine

Miller Wittman congratulates Vallely Sport on their new facility. After a fire destroyed their store, they built a new 25,000 square foot first class retail store...

Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect

If you are looking to perfect your business pitch, join Miller Wittman’s Paige Wittman who will be a coach for Pitch Perfect on June 26th from 6-8pm. For more information, or to reserve your space for this free event:

Grapevine Powersports

Congratulations to Aaron McWhorter and his team at Grapevine Powersports! It was a pleasure to partner with Aaron on his vision to expand the dealership and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Indian Central Illinois
Indian of Central Illinois

Miller Wittman is proud to announce the completion of its newest project, Indian of Central Illinois. Congratulations to Mike Owen & Keeley Rogers and their team on their stunning new store!

Maddies Motor Sports
Maddie's Expansion

Congratulations to Graham Marcus and his team at Maddie’s Motor Sports on their new store expansion.