Mies Outland

Major Addition & Theming Watkins, MN

Mies A

Top-themed store 2005 Dealer News - 18,000 SQ FT 

Over 20 years Mies Outland has taken on four major projects. They are always improving their retail shopping environment. The largest of their projects is completed in 2005 shown below. It is an 18,000 sq. ft. experiential showroom with product features, "cabin" offices, and delineated pathways. In 2013 they added yet another 2550 sq. ft. addition.  

Mies B

“We wanted to bring the outdoors inside while providing unmatched selection for our customers.The fixtures and signage gave us a professional look. Our customers love the concept and are genuinely excited about the showroom.Our very first month,we had the highest sales in our store’s history.”

- Jeff Mies, Mies Outland

Mies C